Viva La Vida Clutch Purse
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Viva La Vida Clutch Purse

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Introducing Viva La Vida, the ultimate clutch purse for Frida enthusiasts and those with a penchant for bold and vibrant fashion! This remarkable accessory not only serves a practical purpose but also showcases a unique and eye-catching design inspired by Frida's iconic art and her love for Mexico. The Viva La Vida clutch purse is meticulously crafted from high-quality cotton and adorned with exquisite illustrations by Murilo Manzini, featuring exotic icons and symbols that would have undoubtedly fascinated Frida herself.

This clutch purse is perfectly sized to accommodate all your daily essentials, including your phone, wallet, makeup, and pencils. Its lightweight and portable nature make it a breeze to carry around, effortlessly injecting a pop of vibrancy into any outfit. Whether you're headed to work or painting the town red, Viva La Vida is the ultimate companion to keep your essentials secure and organized. Additionally, its versatile design allows it to double as a makeup bag, pencil case, or even a travel companion!

Cotton carry-all purse. Thick cotton blend with solid colour background and finished with a coloured zipper.

Size: 270mm x 180mm

Designed in Australia