Stories from our Back Roads by Ray Stone
Stories from our Back Roads by Ray Stone
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Stories from our Back Roads by Ray Stone

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These books are for people who enjoy driving and exploring the stories of our back roads, but most of all it is for people who love New Zealand, whether they choose to do it from behind the wheel of their SUV or the comfort of their sofa.

Ray Stone has driven each of these tracks, and provides not only the story behind them, but also a vivid description of each route, notes on the markers to look out for along the way and maps for those who want to go and drive them themselves.

According to Ray, 'If this book encourages readers to understand and value our unique network of historic back roads and tracks, and assists in the appreciation of our ever changing magnificent New Zealand vistas through which they pass, then it has achieved its objective.' Ray is based in Taupo, New Zealand.

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 170 Ă— 240 mm

ISBN North Island: 9781988538280 South Island: 9781988538297