Cover of Yum! Cookbook by Nadia Lim.
Inside view showing recipe for Nourishing Noodle Soup from Yum! Cookbook by Nadia Lim.
Inside view showing Family Nutrition section in Yum! Cookbook by Nadia Lim.
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Nadia Lim YUM!

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YUM! is for anyone who wants to feed the family nutritious, delicious food.

One of the best feelings you can have as a parent is when your child gobbles up a meal you’ve cooked for them, especially when you know it’s chockfull of good stuff. But any parent knows that this doesn’t happen every time. Getting your child to love food (and I mean, good wholesome food) is not always easy. That’s where I hope YUM! comes in handy. With over 100 parent- and child-tested recipes, and practical, down-to-earth tips and discussions about starting solids, fussy eating, food allergies and more, it will become the go-to for families.

Hardback, 326 pages, 20cm x 25cm

ISBN 9780473609993