Millstream Balms 50g in Bugger Off
Millstream Balms 50g in Hard Yakka
Millstream Balms 50g in Kawakawa
Millstream Gardens

Millstream Balms 50g

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Naturally made balms made for different aches and bites:

Hard Yakka: A warming rub to ease sore muscles after a hard day's work. Will also ease arthritis rheumatism and lumbago. A pleasant smelling blend of St. John's Wort which improves circulation; Meadowsweet is a natural painkiller and Mullein (an anti-inflammatory).

Bugger Off: A gentle salve to help keep mozzies, sandflies and other annoying insects away. It will also soothe itching from bites and stings. The backbone of this repellant is the Titoki tree or the NZ Oakan attractive tree widespread in the Hawke's Bay. This balm is enhanced by adding essential oils of NZ Manuka (Tea Tree) and Aussie Lemon Gum.

Kawakawa: Kawakawa has many healing properties and is reputed to soothe insect bites and stings skin rashes poor circulation bruises wounds burns aches and pains.