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Lockdown Loretta Print

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This is Lockdown Loretta.

Loretta is pretty keen to look after both her mental and physical health. She’s been doing yoga, getting some super solitary fresh air, staying connected, doing a variety of dance tutorials, eating healthy, painting her sloth toes red and meditating.

However, she hasn’t been putting too much pressure on herself as this would be counterproductive, mental health wise.

She knows that if she doesn’t come out of this a boss of home-baked sourdough, that’s no biggie. She’s pretty sure she won’t have mastered a third language in a few weeks (also she already speaks intermediate Lemur). She’s not bothered if she’s not getting totally ripped, she’s happy just maintaining. She might zoom, might tik tok, might not.

Loretta knows how to chill. She thinks we’ve done super well so far and knows that we can definitely do this a little longer if we have to. She thinks she has it pretty easy compared to many.

Loretta has some car keys. She drops food off to an elderly neighbour. She’s quite awesome.

In a Mental Health Power Move she is ignoring vile crap wherever possible.