Framed Tāniko Band

Framed Tāniko Band

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Framed piece of handweaving made using the traditonal Tāniko method. This pattern is a variant of the Pātikitiki pattern with the triangles referring to people. The colours have been selected for their significance to all Māori. The design shows you with your family, ancestors and the spiritual realm.

Tāniko weaving remains an art form deeply revered by the Maori community and is passed down through generations. By continuing to incorporate Tāniko patterns into the creation of Korowai and other cultural artifacts, the Maori ensure that their ancestral stories and artistic brilliance endure, allowing future generations to connect with their roots. While Tāniko has deep historical roots, it has also found a place in contemporary fashion and art. Modern designers and artisans draw inspiration from Tāniko patterns, incorporating them into clothing, accessories, and home decor.

330mm high x 380mm wide.

Handmade in New Zealand.