Dream Drifter - Pre Sleep Ritual Set

Dream Drifter - Pre Sleep Ritual Set

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Prepare the mind and body for a deep restful sleep with this Dream Drifter Pre-Sleep Ritual by Wanderflower.

The relaxing blend of Lavender & Jasmine essential oils in conjunction with this bedtime ritual is designed to encourage a moment of reflection, calm, and relaxation at the end of each day to prepare the mind & body for a deep restful sleep.

A regular nighttime routine helps to prepare your body for sleep by allowing your mind & body to wind down, reduces late-night stress & anxiety, and encourages relaxation.

The set comprises: 

1 x Relaxation Eye Pillow.

1 x Scented Candle.

1 x 50ml Body Oil.

1 x 30g Hand Cream.

The Ritual
Step 1: Start by preparing a luxurious bath

Step 2: light the candle and take some time to lie back and soak while breathing in the calming aroma of Lavender & Jasmine

Step 3: Next apply the body oil to damp skin massaging all over and deep into the skin, pat dry

Step 4: Apply the hand cream slowly massaging into the palm of the hand, up each finger, and between each knuckle

Step 5: Place the eye pillow in the microwave for 1 minute, lay back and apply across the eyes, breathe deep and allow the soothing heat & aromatherapy blends to calm & relax, remove the eye pillow and allow yourself to drift off...