Dishcloths Mixed 2pk, Avocado Chequer

Dishcloths Mixed 2pk, Avocado Chequer

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Ecovask dishcloths are the perfect alternative to disposable synthetic dishcloths. This mixed cloth combo includes one original Heavy-Duty Dishcloth and one stylish Multi-Functional Design Series cloth, providing you with the best of both worlds in one package. Finely knitted from organic cotton, Ecovask cloths are thick, absorbent and super functional as well as adding a splash of style and colour to the kitchen.

Crafted with care from premium organic cotton, Ecovask dishcloths are designed to handle the toughest cleaning tasks with ease. From washing dishes to wiping countertops, these heavy-duty cloths are up to the challenge.

Long lasting and easy care, machine washable up to 60°C and tumble dry. 

25cm x 25cm

Made from Organic Cotton