Ceramic Scallop
Steiner Ceramics

Ceramic Scallop

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Scallop (Pecten novaezelandiae).  Perhaps the most sought after of all shellfish, scallops are fantastic eating.  They are a classic bi-valve (two shells) with a flat valve and a concave valve.  They have a strong adductor muscle (the white bit) that they use to open and close their shells.  By closing their shells they jet out a stream of water that allows them to swim.  The roe (the red bit) and the muscle are the parts most commonly eaten.  Scallops become fertile at about one year old when they reach about 60mm across.

Hang in a wall art composition or on its own.  

Steiner Ceramics by New Zealand ceramic artist Bob Steiner. Coming from a background in the handcrafted pottery tradition of New Zealand, Bob offers handmade sculptural ceramic pieces that capture the essence of Aotearoa’s fauna and flora. Bold three dimensional patterned wall art in sumptuous colours that enhance the architecture interior and outdoor living spaces. Each piece is created at his boutique studio (employing a small team of dedicated helpers) in Auckland, New Zealand.


WIDTH: 13.0cm
HEIGHT: 12.0cm
DEPTH: 5.0cm
WEIGHT: 250.0gm