Stay at Home Sid Print
Stay at Home Sid Print
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Stay at Home Sid Print

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Stay At Home Sid, the self-isolating sloth. 

Sid has a home-made mask which is handy during his supermarket outings. It’s made from shoe laces and his sister’s old beach towel but don’t tell her.

Sid is keeping his head warm & cuddling his hottie to keep cozy.

He has his bottle of Home Brew Kombucha which he will name “Idle Ale” when he re-enters society and launches a start up.

He has been shopping locally, responsibly & normally, for healthy food.

He was lucky enough to score a bottle of hand sanitiser. 

Sid is reading up on adjusting to a slower pace of life, not that he was too bad at that already. .

He knows that what he is being asked to do is actually not that hard at all when he thinks about essential service workers & the people out there risking their lives to save others & to stop this thing.

Sid knows how to chill. Sid has a special name for people who take long drives, have Corona parties or don’t observe social distancing or other lockdown rules, but he’s too polite to use it here.