Greenstone Cross Carved Toki Pendant
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Greenstone Cross Carved Toki Pendant

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New Zealand greenstone Toki (1.8cm wide by 3cm long) with carved cross on black cord. Perfect for a confirmation gift.

Made from genuine New Zealand Pounamu, or greenstone, sourced and hand-carved in Aotearoa New Zealand. Pounamu is of great cultural significance for Maori and is believed to enhance the mana, or prestige, of its possessor. When received as a gift, Pounamu is said to gain value as a special treasure.  

The "Toki" is a symbol of courage and strength in time of adversity. The toki (adze) was a chisel tool used by Maori to carve everything from great waka (canoes) to the intricate designs found in marae (meeting houses).