Always Bonded Huia Earrings
Tania Tupu

Always Bonded Huia Earrings

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Tania Tupu's portrait earrings of the extinct Huia bird sadly silenced before our generation could hear their song. A feather of a huia was given as a token of friendship and respect and worn by high ranking chiefs symbolising leadership and mana. The most sacred bird of all of Tane's children, graceful, vulnerable and socially quiet, a bird that bonded in pairs for life.

Wearable handcrafted 3-dimensional Huia artworks.

25mm diameter portrait framed Huia female and male paired together on sterling silver hooks. 

Made from resin with details of tail, beak, and wattle hand painted in enamel.

Female bird on left and male partner bird on right side.

Made in Aotearoa.